Aura Photos Taken Before and After Oneness Blessings

Submitted by Maya

Jennifer and I are Oneness Blessing facilitators currently living and working in Adelaide, South Australia. On Saturday 8th of April 2006 we carried out an experiment to see what happens to a person's aura before and after receiving enlightenment Oneness Blessings (OB), with a few taken during the OB. Fellow OB facilitators and recipients were invited to take part in this fun and curious event and the results proved very interesting.

It is my understanding that every human being is surrounded by an interplay of constantly changing colors known as the aura. Through techniques such as Kirlian photography and aura imaging this electromagnetic energy field can be captured on a photograph.

The aura is ovoid in shape (egg-shaped) with the largest part around the head and shoulders and the smallest around the feet. It is made up of colors that are constantly changing, expanding and contracting with our incoming and outgoing thoughts and feelings. It is believed that this energy field reflects our emotions, moods, thoughts and state of consciousness. It can also have a direct affect on our wellbeing and the wellbeing of those around to us. Although our aura changes from moment to moment it does not appear to change dramatically unless there is a big change in our life or a major shift in consciousness.

Because Oneness Blessings have demonstrated, through many personal experiences, as having the ability to facilitate major change in our life and raise our level of consciousness, I was very curious and thus inspired to conduct this experiment.

The aura photographs shown in this article were taken with an aura simulation camera that works from the galvanic skin response taken from the hands. The sensor scans and measures the vibrational rate that the energy field gives out through the meridian points of the hands. This response is transferred into the camera's computer component and translated into colors that make up the vibrational rate. This special camera first takes a picture of the person then superimposes the auric image over the first image. This then becomes an aura photograph.

The details of the program were as follows:

  • 2.30PM to 3PM, the five OB facilitators and 14 recipients arrived at the Torrensville Yoga Studio.
  • 3PM to 4PM, individual aura photos were taken of all attendees.
  • 4PM to 5PM, Maya leads a chanting and meditation session which is then followed by OB's.
  • 5PM to 6PM, individual aura photos were once again taken of all attendees.
  • 6PM to 6:15PM, three recipients each had an additional aura photo taken while Maya was giving them enlightenment OB.

A sampling of the resulting aura photos follow:

Julia (recipient) had a huge shift after receiving the OB.

Aura - Michael

In Michael's (recipient) before photo, the line we can see is the top of the screen.

Aura - Malcom

Malcom (OB facilitator) is husband to Jacqui (below). The darker patches we can see in the after photo is the result of the picture still slightly wet as it was scanned.

Aura - Jacqui

Jacqui (recipient) had a powerful transformation.

Aura - Sonia

Sonia (recipient) also had a very powerful transformation.

Aura - Bruno

Interestingly, Bruno (recipient) did not feel anything happening to him even after receiving five OB's. So Bhagavan really cranked up the energy for the extra OB he received from Maya during the taking of the last photo. After this OB, Bruno finally said that he felt the energy entering him and that it caused his body to vibrate. Three days later, Bruno was still buzzing and feeling very happy.

Aura - Maya

OB facilitator Maya's aura clearly reflects the OB energy flowing through her being.

NOTE: The Oneness Blessing facilitators who conducted this experiment are a woman simply named Maya and also Jennifer Harris. You may reach them at:

Maya –

Jennifer Harris –

And through Maya's web site at:

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