Brain Science and the Biology of Awakening

(Updated 12-11-07)

By Erik Hoffmann, Harald Kjellin and Inger Spindler

Brain 1 presents cutting edge EEG brain-mapping research regarding the Kundalini, the Chakras, the Oneness Blessing (energy transmission) and Altered States of Consciousness. We have among other things studied several awakened (enlightened) persons and lately we have studied 12 persons using EEG brain-mapping before and after the 21-day process at Amma and Bhagavan's Golden City in Southeastern India.

Brain Research in Golden City, India, January 2006

Brain 2

An EEG brain-mapping study of 12 participants in the 21-day process in the Golden City in January 2006 was conducted by a research team consisting of:

  • Erik Hoffmann, Research Director, New Brain-New World, Copenhagen
  • Harald Kjellin, Professor, Stockholm University, Sweden
  • Inger Spindler, Neurotherapist, New Brain-New World, Copenhagen

Quantative EEG and Brain-maps were made of the 12 participants before and after the process in order to document changes in their brain functions. They were also interviewed before and after the course. Here is a brief summary of the results:

We analyzed 26 EEG variables and only found statistically significant changes in a few of these after the process. A solid finding was a strong tendency for the two brain hemispheres to function more symmetrically following the process. This balancing of the left and the right brain was most pronounced in the posterior (occipital-parietal) areas where this tendency toward symmetry was found in 11 out of the 12 subjects. In technical terms, the right/left mean ratio of Alpha waves (8-12Hz) during baseline with eyes closed changed for the group mean from 1.18 to 1.04 where 1.00 is absolute symmetry between the hemispheres.

Brain 3

Another interesting finding was an increase of fast Gamma wave activity (25-42Hz) in the frontal lobes after the process. Since these measurements demanded some special equipment, we were only able to measure six out of the 12 subjects. However all six subjects showed substantial increases of Gamma activity in the prefrontal cortex. Actually the mean Gamma amplitudes increased from 10.5 to 15.8 micro-volts with open eyes which is an increase of about 50%.

We believe that the changes we found following the 21-day process demonstrate improved brain functions. Better hemispheric symmetry reflects improved cooperation and communication between the right and the left brain, and the increased Gamma in the frontal area indicates an activation of what we call the 'New Brain' which is crucial for the awakening process and the oneness state.

With this small group of 12 people, we did not find any significant correlation between the scores from the questionnaire and the EEG data, except for one important variable. The two people who benefited the most from the 21-day process, according to the psychological evaluation, both had exceptionally high frontal Gamma levels. They were actually both considered to be in the awakened state.

The finding of increased Gamma in the frontal lobes seems to be very significant. Professor Richard Davidson, University of Wisconsin, found in spiritually evolved Zen monks very high levels of Gamma activity in the frontal area. During deep meditation, on for example, Thankfulness, the Gamma level increased even further. Thus High Gamma levels, especially in the left prefrontal area of the brain seems to be the trade mark of enlightenment (see above figure).

Research Cases from the Golden City, January 2006

Inger 2

"That's one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind" - July, 1969 / Neil Armstrong

My Journey of Awakening - By Inger Spindler

Preparation, October 2005

Erik Hoffmann and I – in agreement with the Oneness Guides in Golden City – decided to do a brain research study of participants in the 21-day process. They were to have their brains measured before and after the course. The very day I decided to attend the course myself, I got scared to death and this feeling stayed with me until the beginning of December. Then one day, I suddenly found myself looking forward to the process to such a degree that I could hardly wait – I was so excited.

Up to this point I have for many years been generally interested in consciousness development. I have been through a lot of feeling release therapy and intensive brain wave training (neurofeedback) for some years. I have for many years suffered from depressions on and off after the loss of a son and was still on medication. However, I felt more and more pleased with life and in harmony with myself. Destructive feelings were almost gone and the present moment was absolutely dominant. My past was merely memory traces in my brain and the future a projection, that's how I considered these so called realities.

When we went through the gate to the Golden City campus (GC-2), where the course was to take place I felt a sudden skepticism arising within me. The place looked very nice and the building I was to live in for the next three weeks, together with about 200 other females from all over the world, looked pretty and clean. I shared a room with 12 other Danish women and that was fine with me. I did not give it much thought, however there was this nagging feeling of ...what?

The following day started with meditation and talks, and in the afternoon there was again meditation and finally we saw some videos. Nothing to talk about really and the call for Mouna (silence) did not seem impossible.

Nemam, January 7, 2006

We had breakfast at 5:30 AM and left in busses an hour later. Nemam was the place where Sri Amma normally gave Darshans, but this day instead Bhagavan would be there together with 12 Awakened Ones. Thousands and thousands of Indians were also there to see Bhagavan, so the place was pretty crowded. At one point our group of a few hundred people were stuck together in a closure before getting in line to see Bhagavan. I saw a little Indian boy at about seven years crawling towards me begging for some rupees. I got pretty upset and told him with my eyes "No, not here, go away." Immediately this anger was substituted by indescribable sensations of Grace and energy shooting up through my whole body and out of my head and eyes. The overwhelming feeling of love toward this little boy went on and on, and I could not get my eyes off him. I was shaken and could barely stand on my feet. Our group lined up and when we stood in front of Bhagavan and the Awakened Ones, I could not believe my eyes. The experience was beyond any description, I was in awe: "This was heavenly!" I cried deeply on my way out.

In the bus on our way home I was very silent and just observing. Everything, I mean EVERYTHING, was exactly as it should be – this was my experience, this was the truth.

In the evening I went to see my Oneness Guide (Radhika), my mind was asking questions: "What had happened, what was all this?" My wonderful Oneness Guide looked at me with the most loving eyes I have ever seen. She said, "You have been given the greatest gift of all, in India we call it a Kundalini Awakening."

Life Review, January 9, 2006

In the morning there was a very beautiful ritual around a pair of silver sandals called Padukas. After the ritual we should invoke the Presence, i.e. get in contact with our inner God, which could be Jesus, Buddha, the Now, Love or whatever expression suited you. I was so filled up with thankfulness and the feeling of Grace that this automatically became my Presence. I was ecstatic with joy so I started dancing; or rather my body started dancing to the music. Other people went through immense feeling release and cried a lot, while again others laughed and laughed. The energies in the meditation hall were very, very high. Later we were asked to sit or lie down and meditate on the Presence. All of a sudden I was whirled into a life review. I re-experienced all the negative emotions I had felt, especially toward my mother but also in other relationships. Everything was turned upside down, and I was now shown all the gifts I had been given. My mother giving birth to me, nurturing me and her love for me, my son giving his life to me so that I could experience how life threatening pain could be turned into wisdom and love. Whatever had happened in my life was a gift, and nothing was a coincidence. I cannot express the gratitude I felt, it was overwhelming and I cried and cried. "How can I ever thank you?" was the thought that kept coming to my mind.

Bhagavan and Amma, January 10, 2006

This morning there was again a very beautiful ritual called a Homa with fire and offerings. The Hindu rituals are very impressive with live music and heavenly vocals and the intention with these long rituals is to put our ego into the place where it belongs, namely as a servant to us instead of being the ruler of our life.

In the afternoon session we were again to invoke the Presence, and out of the blue Bhagavan showed up in my stomach, laughing. I saw his face very clearly and I could not believe it. "This must be a joke" I thought and tried to relax and let go. But no, he had taken up residence in my stomach. I had become an energy vehicle for him and I knew right away that I was now able to pass on his energies to other people in the way he calls the Oneness Blessing. My relationship with Bhagavan is very unpretentious and relaxed – he is my heavenly father.

Later I thought to myself: "I wonder if Amma is also there?" and right away my chest was bursting with tremendous love and joy. So, there she was and I can turn to her any time to ask for help to be her channel for love and healing.

In the evening I talked to my Oneness Guide about what had happened during the day and she laughed lovingly and said that this state would grow deeper and deeper, it was a one way ticket to the state of Oneness. It was very hard for me to believe, I both felt confused and humble in a way I have never felt before.

Eye opening, January 11-15, 2006

The next few days the Oneness Guides talked about various themes: 'Purpose of Life: Walk when you walk, eat when you eat etc.,' 'Your Body is not your Body,' 'Your thoughts are not your thoughts,' 'You are not a person but a group of personalities,' 'Experience your family and spouse as they are and see the beauty in it' and other very enlightening talks.

During a session one day, I suddenly experienced that my third eye was wide open, it was so real that it could not be questioned, it was like a brilliant, blue star shooting through my forehead. Every day we had different exercises and meditations, we saw videos and movies and I loved it.

One day I contacted my Oneness Guide again because the talk was always about the Divine energies and the only thing I knew about was the Kundalini energies. What was the difference and why did they not talk about the Kundalini. She explained to me that you did not need the Kundalini to experience the Divine. The Kundalini is also the Divine but added to this she said, with the Kundalini you also get the Knowing. I experienced my Oneness Guide as immensely deep and later I learned that she had been an Awakened One for 1½ years and was called back only one month before this 21-day process started because she was needed by Bhagavan. She had no sense of time, there was no yesterday and no tomorrow. When she was with you she was there totally and you yourself had to break up your meeting with her in order to let other people get a chance.

Am I going nuts?, January 16, 2006

Today I had some weird experiences. I was standing outside in the sun and saw a woman coming out from the bathroom shaking her hands. "Oh, I am shaking my hands" I thought and went back to the meditation hall where I realized that there I was: fast asleep, sitting up meditating, taking notes, I was everybody. Oh, my God am I becoming schizophrenic? I went to my Oneness Guide because I felt uncomfortable, but she calmed me down and said that this was part of the process into Oneness but that it would soon stabilize and become balanced and more subtle.

In the afternoon we were, again, to go meditating with the Awakened Ones which to me was absolutely breathtaking and surrealistic. I entered a big Indian bus and when I sat down I suddenly experienced myself as a two or three year old girl going by bus for the first time in her life. I was thrilled: Oh, by bus, I am going by bus, and this little voice went on and on in my head. I looked out of the window and could barely conceal my excitement: "Look there is a cow, look, look." Everything was totally fresh and new to me. I was bursting with joy.

Cells opening up, January 20-21, 2006

I woke up with so much pain in my body and head that I could not stand on my feet. My roommates left for the session and a Oneness Guide (not my own) came to see me. She asked me if I wanted to see a doctor and I said no, there was no need. Nevertheless the doctor came. She looked at me and declared: "There is absolutely nothing wrong with you – and do not take pain killers, they will not help you anyway, only prolong the process. The pain is due to the cells opening up and releasing old memories which have been stored there." She gave me a Oneness Blessing and I fell asleep right away.

Initiation, January 22, 2006

The day started at 7 AM with a beautiful Homa fire ritual outside in a big tent. I was in awe and my energies felt like exploding within me. The following initiation took place in the meditation hall and we all went mad. This was ecstasy exploding, I have never ever experienced anything like it. Later in the afternoon we went by bus to a lake to meditate in the sunset and go for a walk. I observed every little blade of grass and was immersed in what I experienced as heaven on earth.

End of 21-day Process, January 25, 2006

Talks, rituals, songs and wild dancing. The participants and the Oneness Guides all went crazy. What a liberation!

Every day since the awakening has been very intense and my Kundalini energies are often so overwhelming that I cry (imagine having very strong orgasmic sensations in your whole body, head and eyes 18 hours a day every day). Many times I have been so dizzy that I have had to lie down. I have headaches and some pain in my body, but I remember what my doctor in GC told me, so I just embrace it.

A Miracle?

I don't know. I certainly never, even for a single moment expected anything like this to happen. Actually I did not EXPECT anything. I have done nothing, absolutely nothing. The state that I am in now has been given to me, and I am so grateful and humble that words will not do. My sense of self has gone though there still is a little shyness about it all. My Oneness Guide told me that there should be no more book reading, I can ask myself and trust my heart. However, should questions arise that I need to have explained further, I was welcome to contact her. So that is what I will do.

I experience my 'new' state as very ordinary, the most natural thing in the world. But I am also very aware that it is a higher state of consciousness, that this is what mankind needs and that I must do whatever I can to spread the seed of enlightenment.

Finally I want to make it very clear: If this can happen to me it can happen to anybody, seeker or not. Bhagavan says: "Straighten out your relationships, that is very helpful. Nothing else needs to be done."

Inger Spindler – Copenhagen, February 3, 2006



Nandan describes her Awakening process in the Golden City

My name is Nandan Santamaria. Last September I lost my 36 year old daughter Disha who very suddenly and unexpectedly died from ectopic pregnancy, which was misdiagnosed as Gastroenteritis and she was sent home from the hospital just with pain killers and muscle relaxants and died the same night from inner hemorrhaging. This shock brought me into so much grief, pain, anger and despair, that I didn't know how to go on with my life anymore, everything just felt dull and without any meaning.

When I was suddenly remembering my daughter Disha telling me about the 21-Days Oneness Blessing retreat in the South of India and that she was very much pulled to do it and I felt very strongly, that this is what I need to do right now and so my husband booked it for us immediately.

In the retreat, first all the pain came up again but then by staying with it and facing it fully, it started to transform into the longing for God or Presence, for that space deep inside me where Disha is always present. It felt like finding a new way of being with her and at the same time also finding my real self. Like this I am learning now to much more recognize her presence rather than her absence.

This 21-Day Oneness Blessing Retreat was an incredible healing process for me. Yes, there is still pain and will probably always be, but the pain has a sweetness now through the acceptance and the desperateness is gone. There is a lot of gratefulness and my heart is open again.

It was quite amazing for me to be able to see this transformation process reflected in these brain-map pictures. Incredible that this is possible, Thank You.


Copyright 2006 © Erik Hoffmann, Harald Kjellin and Inger Spindler

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