One Minute Shift


(Updated 3-21-08)

Following are a wealth of spiritual videos that are about Oneness and our ongoing shift into the Golden Age. Each of these videos are approximately one minute in length. They are clever, entertaining, informative, thought provoking and sometimes, even amusing.

Check back often as this video resource page will continue to increase. Relax and enjoy... and be sure to share our video page links with those family and friends who are ready to see and hear about the global transformation that is now taking place.

Make sure your sound is on and click on the underlined words to access the video.

A Chocolate Version of Mom's Chicken Soup by Dean Radin

An Epiphany in Space by Edgar Mitchell

Are You Part of the 11%? by Marianne Williamson

Are You Ready? by BookofLight

Can Intention Change the World? by Lynne McTaggart

Ceremony by Freemantv

Everything Can Change in a CYRES Minute by Cyres Café

Experience Self-Strength by CYRES Café

Feel the Feminine Shift by Surprise Foundation

It's Not Too Late by Van Jones

METAPHORmosis by Rowan North

Miracles of the Heart by Gingeronymous

Science-Spirit Paradigm by Alphamudpuppy

Supra-sexual Co-creation by Barbara Marx Hubbard

The Next Scientific Revolution by Marilyn Schlitz

The Upwising Begins by Swami Beyondananda

The Wonder of You by Deepak Chopra

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