Oneness Temple

The Oneness Temple

"Awakening experiences do not make an Awakened one." - Sri Amma Bhagavan

There are many places and architectural wonders, ancient and modern, across the world like the Coliseum, the pyramids of Egypt or even Las Vegas and Silicon Valley. Each of them is dedicated to a specific purpose like enjoyment, honoring the pharaohs or for research and development in the field of Information Technology respectively. The Oneness Temple stands to affect humanity's consciousness by raising the consciousness levels of the seekers who pray and meditate in the temple. Dedicated for prayer and meditation oneness Temple helps in bringing about a shift in consciousness which would eventually lead people from a state of 'existing' to a state of 'living' where they experience unconditional love and joy.

The Oneness Temple is a vortex of Divine Grace, a powerhouse for the phenomenon of Oneness Deeksha, propelling the human race in this most crucial phase of its evolution. The special structure of the oneness Temple makes possible an intense field of divine grace, wherein this transition in consciousness from separation to oneness would naturally result in all those who pray and meditate here.

Significance of the Oneness Temple

"You cannot understand anybody because there is 'nobody' to be understood." - Sri Amma Bhagavan

The Oneness Temple stands to fortify and fulfill the 4 fold purpose of life as enumerated by our ancients, namely Artha (pursuit of wealth), Kama (fulfillment of desires), Dharma (pursuit of inner growth and contribution) and Moksha or Mukti (awakening into oneness), thus creating a new individual with an entirely new outlook to life and to the world at large.

'Religion is personal' says Sri Amma Bhagavan. The Oneness Temple is for the people of all religions and faiths and hence they would have a direct experience of realizing their own personal god and the truth of their religion or faith.

Entering this edifice in a state of prayer and meditation itself would act as a Deeksha activating your chakras or energy centers and awaken your Kundalini.

The sacred precincts of this Mukti Mandap would greatly augment the descent of the Golden ball of Divine grace, thus magnifying the transformative effects of the Oneness Deeksha phenomenon resulting in the healing of the body, mind and spirit, abundance and success in all areas of life, flowering of intelligence and awakening of love, dissolution of self centered misery and the birth of causeless joy arising from contribution and service, awakening into oneness and god realizing to name a few.

Meditating in the Mukti Mandap would elevate your consciousness eventually leading you into states of unconditional love and joy and awakening.


"Experiencing does not lead to freedom, experiencing is freedom." - Sri Amma Bhagavan


Majestic Throne, towards the western wall, specially carved with 175 different varieties of wood according to the specifications in the Rig Veda.

Every piece of wood energetically cleansed and purified through several rituals and prayers for 45 days to serve as the seat of the Divine

Wooden engravings on the throne depict the union of the form and the formless, the mundane and the transcendental and the male and female aspects of the divine.


Gigantic 'Sri-Chakra', extolled in the vedic texts as the 'King of all sacred patterns', below the center spire, entirely made up of semi-precious stones, representing the unification of the male and female aspects of the divine; also regarded as the symbol of culmination or completeness in all respects.


'Amrutha-Kalasha' (pot-like structure), on top of each spire, representing infinity, prosperity and wholeness.

Inside the kalash is a hollow tube leading into the inner meditation hall and inside the hollow spires. At the top of the kalasha, there is a pinhole which signifies the bindu (or the entire energy of our creation) which allows the flow of cosmic energies. The kalashams are energized by the recitation of specific slokas and chants and rituals. It is the combination of the spires and the kalashams that forms a very powerful active and dynamic energy field within the temple. The square shape of the meditation hall and the square base of the spires are a perfect synthesis of the cosmic energies from above and below that help in creating a perfect and harmonized world.


The 'OM' fixed above the entrance of the meditation hall, has been inlaid with scripts of all Indian languages which controls and intensifies the spiritual vibrations of the flow of cosmic energy in the meditation hall.


Nine spires doming the temple at its top, representing the integration of the nine planetary energies whose size is calculated according to the traditional knowledge.


Four entrances to the meditation hall in the four cardinal directions, carved in accordance with specifications in the Vedas.

Door made of energetically purified wood to attract auspicious energies from the universe and to guard the sanctity of the hall.

Door decorated with 'Minakari' Work & embossed silver depictions of the 10 avatars (incarnations) of the Divine according to Hindu Mythology.


Circular sacred patterns called 'Kolam' created by engraving Mother of Pearl & semi precious stones like Lapis-Lazuli etc. near the entrance of the each door, to bio-energetically cleanse the body and open up subtle energy channels. These Kolams in yantra form symbolizes the energies of 'Kundalini' which also acts a protective field and help maintain a high energy level as you walk inside the meditation hall.

64 beautiful lotuses made up of semi-precious stones engraved on the marble floor and equidistantly spaced across the hall.

Intricate designs lining the edges of the hall forming pathways in the centre.


Four cardinal directions marked with faces/heads of four different animals carved in marble, each meant to attract one particular aspect of divine energy.

East - 'Go-Mukha' (Cow-Face) - represents Spiritual Awakening
South - 'Simha-Mukha' (Lion-Face) - represents Spiritual Protection
West - 'Ashva-Mukha' (Horse-face) - represents Spiritual Power
North - 'Gaja-Mukha' (Elephant-Face) - represents Spiritual Wisdom

The energies and spiritual powers of the nine planets create their impact on the building through different orientations, on the various chakras of the body.


8 octagonal staircases, smooth glazed with artistically carved hand rails, in the 4 diagonal directions to harmonize the static and dynamic energies of the universe into one's body and to activate the different energy centers or chakras.

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