Power vs. Force Revisited

(Updated 3-19-08)

Power Vs. Force

By Dr. David Moyle

Dr. David Hawkins did a major service to us all in writing his 1995 book, Power vs Force. Not only did he provide a meaningful scale by which to measure the levels of human consciousness, he also made many more people aware of the tool by which anyone can tap into the Universal Consciousness — kinesiology. Since I have been using kinesiology for over 15 years to gain answers, I thought that I would use that same tool to get a current reading on the state of humanity since his book came out, and at the same time, cast a light on the levels of consciousness associated with some other influences.

I was first introduced to kinesiology when I started following the remarkable work of Machaelle Wright, founder of the Perelandra Center for Nature Research. At the time, I was searching for improved methods for organic gardening and found out that by consciously working with the nature intelligences, I could go way beyond normal organic concepts. Kinesiology is the method used to communicate with these real but unseen elementals which govern all things in form. Since this article is neither about kinesiology, nor Perelandra, I invite any of you whose interest I have perked, to visit their excellent web site at www.perelandra-ltd.com. By the way, they offer a wonderful tutorial on kinesiology in their site.

Back to Power vs. Force and some good news for you light-workers. In the course of Dr. Hawkins' testing, he determined that a critical watermark of human development was at level 200 on his consciousness scale of one to 1000. That those who calibrated at level 200 or below are oriented in their consciousness to force-related behaviors which is destructive. These are the masses, who have been labeled by others as "the walking dead" or "human animals." By comparison, those who have climbed above the 200 mark, begin to work with true power and utilize constructive behaviors. These are the awakening and have earned the designation of being called true human beings. Since the majority of society around us lives and breathes force-based concepts and it pervades all our media, it's difficult to really understand what it means in real life. I got a better feel for the difference between these two from a friend of mine who recently returned from China, attending a martial arts conference. During the conference, a demonstration was given that specifically demonstrated this point. Two opponents were selected for a sparing match – a hulking 250 pound, black-belted fighting machine and a scrawny little 90 year old man who happened to be a spiritual master. As the monster man, in all his arrogance, lunged at his smaller opponent, the master simply gave a flip of his wrist, and without even touching the larger man, flipped him into the air and slammed him to the mat. Now that's Power!


In 1995, 85% of the global population was at 200 or less. From my own inquiry into Universal Consciousness in 2005, that number is now down to 82%. To understand how important this change is, you must know that the scale of consciousness shown on the chart is not an arithmetic scale, it is logarithmic. Without going into a discussion of the algebra of logarithms, just keep in mind that on a logarithmic scale, every increment of increase going up the scale is multiplied by 10. That is, level 206 is an increase of 10 times the power of level 205 and 100 times the power of level 204.

In the past 10 years, the median level for all humanity has risen from 207 to 209. That's a big increase on the scale, where 1/10 of one point is that is a significant shift, a change in magnitude that many would spend an entire lifetime accomplishing. Even though you light workers are still outnumbered by about five to one, take heart that your presence on this planet is making a difference!

To get a full description of each of the 17 levels of consciousness, you need to read Dr. Hawkins' book, but you can perhaps get a notion of the status of things from the accompanying graph. It's important to note that because the scale is logarithmic, the fewer individuals above 200 working as Power have a much greater influence on the average than the many more below 200 who deal in force. A single Christ (level 1000) walking the Earth would lift the consciousness of all mankind.

For your interest, I have asked Universal Consciousness to calibrate a few of the sources of programming which touch most Americans. For this article, I focused on a few TV shows and a few movies. Obviously, I could've rated other activities, media, and institutions, but kept the list short enough for this article. Please, please do not call me to ask to calibrate your pet program (or peeve). I would rather you learn kinesiology yourself — it's easy and quick once you get the hang of it.

Media Consciousness Levels

TV Shows Calibration Level Movies Calibration Level
NFL football 82 Shrek2 124
Everybody Loves Raymond 82 Passion of the Christ 98
CSI Miami 92 Day After Tomorrow 92
Desperate Housewives 63 Bourne Supremacy 73
Daily Show 223 What the Bleep 817
Stargate SG-1 108 Whale Rider 483
Dr. Phil 93 Fahrenheit 9/11 374

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