Video Messages from The Founder

Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma, the co-founders of the Oneness Movement are often asked about the Oneness Blessing (OB) process and how it works. While those in India have had access to these wonderful experiences for almost 20 years, this Oneness Blessing experience is relatively new for those of us in the West.

What surprises Westerners the most is how simple the process is. In most spiritual endeavors, the participant is guided to devotionally follow the teacher through various techniques that can be long and complicated. With the OB, the process is simple and fast. And the participant need do nothing further... just receive the OB and go on with their life!

Following are 48 short videos of Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma giving short lessons and insights into the process and what you can expect after receiving the OB. Make sure that your sound is on. Please check back often as these are added to regularly.


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