Will Karma End?

Sri Bhagavan

Question: Will karma end at any point of time? I have been told that even an enlightened person will have karma?

Sri Bhagavan's Answer: We do not speak of your karma or her karma. There is no individual karma at all. There is only human karma.

You cannot become free of karma totally because it is not your karma and moreover there is no 'you' in the first place. I told you the 'Self' is only an illusion, it can just disappear. So how could there be your individual karma?

Now, often you find that you are being distracted by various thoughts. Just like we breathe-in oxygen and breathe-out carbon dioxide… we breathe-in thoughts and we breathe-out thoughts. There is the thought sphere, which contains all the thoughts of people who have lived from last eleven thousand years. All their experiences, ideas, views, etc. are stored here. This is called Human karma. This human Karma is flowing through you. Like for example, you are living in the city of Los Angeles that is polluted; you have to breathe-in that polluted air. You cannot escape it or be free of it. So, it is 'Mans karma' that is influencing you all the time.

But then, can man be free of all the present karma accumulated in all these thousands of years? Yes, it is possible!

Now, where do you think the thought sphere is stored? These thoughts are stored in the earth's magnetic field. Whatever has happened in the last eleven thousand years is stored here. I told you about the Schumann resonance (earths heartbeat) which used to be 7.8 cycles per second and has now become 11 cycles per second and if you work it out mathematically, in the year 2012 it is going to be 13 cycles per second and, when this happens, the earth's magnetic field would vanish or become very, very weak for about three days.

We have the earth's core which is rotating and that is responsible for generating the magnetic field. The earth itself is passing through what is called the photon belt, which is what is slowing it down. So, it will slow down and probably come to zero when the earth's resonance is 13 cycles per second and then it will start rotating again, but in the opposite direction.

You ask, "Has this happened before?"

Yes, we have plenty of fossil evidence to show that this has happened almost every eleven thousand years. And more so, almost all the ancient scriptures of the world from India to Tibet, China to South America to Central America, all speak of this phenomenon.

Now, suppose you are programming a computer and there is a power failure of the internal backup battery while being unplugged from the electric source… then the entire program is deleted. That is why you must have the uninterrupted power supply, the U.P.S. Just the same way, when the earths resonance reaches 13 cycles per second there is a kind of power failure and the magnetic field of the earth vanishes and when the magnetic field vanishes the thoughts stored there also would vanish. With all that, all the records of eleven thousand years go away. When this happens, man will become free of karma.

This has happened many times and there are scriptures that speak about this. But for now, even if you are enlightened, you are not going to be free of karma.

Even Krishna, Buddha, The Christ or you must breathe the same air. The only difference is that in their enlightened state, they don't suffer psychologically as their 'self' was dissolved.

But, for the karma to dissolve completely and not come back, a minimum of 64,000 people must have become Awakened (experienced a "Flowering of the Heart") by 2012.

It is only then that a new world would emerge. That is why all of you have to prepare yourselves for your Awakening as quickly as possible. It is very important.

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